Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just Living My Life

As a joined the thong of early morning traffickers on a very busy Johannesburg freeway yesterday morning, I got stuck behind what was probably an unroadworthy vehicle going seriously below the speed limit.

Cursing and cussing I eventually got to pass him as a gap in the traffic allowed me to dart into the faster lane, but as I looked at him while I passed I realised that the reason for his travelling so slowly was that he had the "biscuit" spare wheel on which did not allow fast travel.

I chuckled as my frustration changed to realising that this poor guy was just trying to survive in what is undoubtedly a challenging world to live in. In South Africa, we don't have a public transport system of any worthwhile measure and travel is often the dividing point of whether one is employable or not. And even once employed, with pretty high taxes, high fuel and high cost of vehicle ownership, a significant portion of ones income is spent just on transport.

This poor guy probably didn't have the money for a new tyre but with lack of transport, he simply had no option but to make a plan and I'm sure that he will drive on the flimsy wheel until he is able to make an alternative plan which probably means waiting to the next month end salary....

It is so easy to condemn and swear at others that obstruct your own path forward but I guess we do need to stop and consider that those same people are just doing the best that they can in what often seems an impossible world to live in.


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